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CHELCEY Premium Ceylon Green Tea GUNPOWDER, Loose Leaf, 10.6 oz, High Quality Grade, Caffeinated Teas

CHELCEY Premium Ceylon Green Tea GUNPOWDER, Loose Leaf, 10.6 oz, High Quality Grade, Caffeinated Teas

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PREMIUM QUALITEA: Elevate your senses with the pure, authentic taste of our CHELCEY Premium Green tea GUNPOWDER. Named for its rolled, pellet-like appearance, this tea offers a distinctive and bold flavor that stays true to its name. Cultivated in the lush hills of Dimbula, Sri Lanka our green tea is carefully handpicked and expertly crafted to highlight the unique smoky and vegetal flavors of green tea.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Rich in antioxidants and natural caffeine, this tea delivers a boost of energy and vitality with every cup and provides a perfect balance of energy and relaxation, stimulating the mind and invigorating the body. Savor the taste of tradition and craftsmanship with our CHELCEY Premium Gunpowder Green tea.

THE FAMOUS GUNPOWDER is made by rolling the two leaves and bud by special technology of frying into shape of a ball. When brewing the ball formation quickly opens up to the whole leaf with a tart and stringent infusion of deep rich flavor.

100% NATURAL: We continue to stay true to our 100% Natural Tea commitment. No added artificial flavors, oils or essences. CHELCEY tea is organically grown and produced without use of pesticides, fertilisers or GMO. Vegan, Gluten free, Sugar free.

UNIVERSAL BEVERAGE: Savor your moments of relaxation with Premium Chelcey Tea! The sheer versatility of it — hot/iced, with/without sugar, milk/lemon — ensures you'll find the ideal combination to suit your mood. A healthy way to sub out the afternoon coffee! 

HOT OR ICED TEA: Brew 1-2 tea spoons of tea leaves in 8 oz of freshly boiled water, strain the tea, sweeten as desired with sugar, honey, lemon slices, or fresh mint leaves and you've got a cup of the smoothest, most flavorful brew you ever did taste! Add ice, and you've got a refreshingly delicious robust cold beverage guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

TRY EVERY FLAVOR: from our exclusive LOOSE LEAF selection: Green Tea Gunpowder, Black Tea Premium OPA, and Earl Grey tea, plus a selection of TEA BAGS sure to tantalize, such as soursop, passion fruit, starfruit, and cranberry. With so many options, it's a must to give them all a try!

BESTSELLERS and BESTGIFTS:  Treat yourself or fellow tea lovers  to the Earl Grey's loose-leaf bounty & a wide range of fruity flavors (soursop, passion fruit, starfruit, cranberry, & more). Plus, gift them the unique TEA BOOKS collection in stylish tins!

HARITAGE: Since 1993 we dedicated ourselves to creating tea with the best taste qualities and ensuring that our consumers always receive the most exceptional tea drinking experience.  CHELCEY sources the best tea from the select gardens of Sri Lanka and delivers fresh tea across 20 countries.  Now in US!

 TRADITION: Bring a touch of English elegance to your home with CHELCEY Premium Ceylon Tea! Bask in the sophistication of British planters, honing their skills for centuries to create this tea's true symbol of quality. Perfect for royalty or rascals alike! Chelsey -England's finest!

Storage: store in a dry, well ventilated area at the relative humidity at 70%

Ingredients: Pure  Ceylon Green Tea Gunpowder

Net weight: 10.6oz/300g 

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